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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Statement Regarding Antisemitic Shooting at Kosher Market in Jersey City and Victims with Williamsburg Roots

Our Lives will Go On! But we Can’t Let this Go On!

The community is saddened and is mourning the loss of two innocent people, the most-special of our community.

Mindel Ferencz may she rest in peace, was a pioneer. She and her husband were of the very first to relocate from Williamsburg, due to the skyrocketing prices of housing, to settle in Jersey City. They did not do it for themselves, but to pave the way for a new community that lives harmoniously with their neighbors. She was a caring and nurturing mother for her three children, and at the same time helped her husband who ran the first kosher grocery in the area, to ensure that the community’s families have where to shop and feed their children.

A life of selflessness, and dedication to others, full of love, was cut short by vicious hate-filled murders.

Moshe Deutsch, may he rest in peace, was dedicated to studying his Jewish faith everyday by learning in a Yeshiva he was instrumental in establishing and getting off the ground. He was extremely kind and generous and was the go-to person when his peers needed help. Moshe is also the son of our devoted and energetic board member, Abe Deutsch, who is a pillar of the UJO and is the main force behind the largest food distribution for Passover feedings thousands upon thousands. Abe’s kindness knows no bounds and even though he is occupied with managing a business, individuals needing assistance knock on his door regularly for help. Moshe followed in his father’s footsteps and devoted his spare time and energy to help organize the UJO Passover food distribution and many other acts of kindness.

The community lost a promising-upcoming charitable person who was spreading love and kindness. He was butchered by people filled with poisonous animosity. Our heart goes out to both families and to our board member, Abe.

We mourn and send our condolences for the loss of Jersey City Police Department Detective Joseph Seals. He selflessly devoted and gave his life to protect others from gun violence. May he rest in peace, may his family find comfort and solace, and may Hashem protect all members of the law enforcement who risks their lives in line of duty to protect others. They represent the finest among us.

Our hearts also goes out to the family of the late Douglas Miguel Rodriguez Barzola, who left behind a wife and 11 years old daughter and a mother Ecuador. He was butchered brutally while working in the store and providing for his family. May he rest in peace.

We can’t let the sorrow stop us. Of course, we’ll collect ourselves and go on with our lives. At the same time, we can’t let the horrible hate go on and threaten us. It’s too late already. The hate that springs up all over, now cut short lives so close to home. But we have to act now so that we don’t have to mourn precious lives in the future.

We don’t have answers, but have many questions, that we’re asking for a while:

  • What causes this hate?
  • How can the hate be stopped in the tracks and intercepted?
  • How can we foster love to counter and avoid these hateful feelings?
  • How can the community be better protected?
The list goes on.

The grave seriousness of the situation of this calls for the creation of a working group, a task force, that should include law enforcement members from all levels of the government, community leaders from the Jewish and other communities, to try to study and track down this horrendous problem and come up with a strategy to foster love, stop hate, intercept and take action against haters before it’s too late, and make communities feel safe once again.

Time and again, we hear words of sympathies and resolve after an attack, only to hear it again after another attack. It’s time for action.

Watch a press conference with Mayor de Blasio, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea and other officials: